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Muvek Development Solutions Limited

Muvek is a liability company incorporated in Tanzania since 2005. The company major area of focus is on creating mechanisms that cushion risks, lower rural transaction costs and create rural urban linkages to allow indigenous poultry producers escape the subsistence trap and become viable for profitable partnerships. This is achieved mainly through engaging relevant public institutions to meet the social costs of developing the partnership.

Project Purpose:

To commercialize rural poultry enterprises in Njombe districts through contracting 40 farmers.

In the contract each farmer is given an interest free in-kind loan as a startup capital to run the business. The contract provides individual producers with the following; 50 DOCs, 3bags @ 50kg feed chick mash, essential drugs for DOCs like vitamins, antibiotics and glucose. The company  also provide vaccines throughout the contract period to control diseases.  On the other hand the company provide markets for 75% of collected eggs and Cocks.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. 40 individual farmers will directly benefit from the project.
  2. Average monthly net income for individual farmers will increase from currently less than 30 USD to 78 USD.
  3.  USD 100,000 requested from SAGCOT CTF, will catalyze about 259,942 USD of private investments within 18 months of the project cycle.
  4. There will be skill transfer to smallholder farmers  on poultry handling and rearing


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Thanks SAGCOT CTF "I was really impressed by the state-of-the-agricultural equipment available and more so by the staff who operate them and by the well-meshed flow of work. This was an eye-opener for us so kindly keep up the good work"

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Jacob Mwakipesile
Njombe TZ - Small farmer