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Mtenda Kyela Rice Limited

Mtenda Kyela Rice Supply Company Limited (MKRS) is a company limited by share which deals with purchase of paddy and supply of high quality rice produced in the Southern Highland of Tanzania. The company procures paddy from smallholder farmers organized in groups/association under the contract farming arrangement then process, pack and sell branded rice in domestic and external markets.
Mtenda Kyela Rice uses contract farming approach to develop its business value chain which is mainly pre-dominated by smallholder farmers.
The company supports and invests in developmental activities such as mobilizing farmers to form groups and associations;
training farmers on Good Agronomic Practices (GAP) of paddy production e.g. System of Rice intensification (SRI);
post-harvest technologies, input supply in form of credit and market linkages.

Project Purpose:

The purpose is to reach 1,500 farmers and develop them into a competitive paddy value chain system through increasing quality and quantity of paddy.

Expected Outcomes:

  1. The project focused on 1,500 farmers who will benefit directly it is expected that 11,610 farmers will indirectly benefit from the project.
  2. About 69,264 jobs will be created along the value chain from the period of 2016 to 2025.
  3. 100,000$ requested from SAGCOT-CTF will catalyze about 903,158$ of private investment from the company.


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Thanks SAGCOT CTF "I was really impressed by the state-of-the-agricultural equipment available and more so by the staff who operate them and by the well-meshed flow of work. This was an eye-opener for us so kindly keep up the good work"

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Jacob Mwakipesile
Njombe TZ - Small farmer