Social Venture Capital


The objective of this window is to promote the development and expansion of emergent agribusiness to become commercially and financially viable business.
Catalytic Fund objective is to support activities and capital expenditures required for the growth of a company to the point that it obtain commercial finance or investment by private investors.
To qualify for Social Venture Capital the company must meet the investment criteria with respect to determining potentially commercially and financially viable business while satisfying the CTF’s overall objectives of catalyzing sustainable private agribusiness investment especially those benefit smallholder farmers and economic development of rural communities.

Example: Acquisition by SAGCOT CTF of low or non-performing privatized companies

Eligibility Criteria:

Below are the assessments of the Eligibility / Merit criteria agreed by the board as of June 2015, for piloting some projects, thus these are not final eligibility criteria.

  1. Applicants’ prior related experience in Tanzania Agribusiness; an eligible applicant with a wider understanding of smallholder farmers in Tanzania and longer experiences in working with relevant field of agribusiness.
  2. Potential of business to reach more undeserved smallholder farmers; an eligible business with indication that interventions will provide more access and utilization of potential agricultural inputs to undeserved smallholders farmer to production. productivity and profitability.
  3. Potential Project Viability; an eligible applicant with relevant projects that are in line with SAGCOT blue print and national goals and strategies as well as the projects that will be able to achieve SAGCOT CTF objectives and expectations.
  4. Bank-ability of the project;an eligible applicant with projects that records positive financial projections and have justifiable returns on investments.

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Thanks SAGCOT CTF "I was really impressed by the state-of-the-agricultural equipment available and more so by the staff who operate them and by the well-meshed flow of work. This was an eye-opener for us so kindly keep up the good work"

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Jacob Mwakipesile
Njombe TZ - Small farmer