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Asas Dairies Limited

Located in Iringa Region, ASAS DAIRIES LTD is a private dairy processing firm that was established in the year 2000 to provide high quality milk products to the local market.  Currently, the company sources and procures 94% of its total raw milk supply from smallholder farmers through a working partnership with three contracted Farmers’ Cooperatives (engaging 1,415 farmers).

At the present, ASAS’ factory’s installed capacity is 50,000 liters per processing shift. However, the lack of capacity and the high capital outlay required in dairying by the farmers’ results in the company processing only 11,500 liters per processing shift. That means the operational plant utilization stands at 23% of the installed plant processing capacity. The 77% installed capacity deficit is therefore a huge market opportunity for farmers and offers them room for growth. Some of the identified gaps that triggers supply deficit includesThe company currently operates at 23% of its installed capacity of 50,000 Liters of milk against 11,500 Liters which they are able to source from smallholder producers. Some of the identified gaps that triggers supply deficit includes;

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Njombe Milk Factory Limited

Njombe Milk Factory Company LTD is a registered company limited by shares with its head office in Njombe Town, Njombe region southern Highlands of Tanzania.
The company collects raw milk from about 700 dairy farmers organized in 56 groups through the established dairy farmers’ cooperative society (NJOLIFA) for processing and produces high quality of dairy products.
The cooperative owns 20% stake of the company.

The project is named: “dairy farmers strengthening on modern farming practices and sustainable economic improvement in Njombe region”

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Muvek Development Solutions Limited

Muvek is a liability company incorporated in Tanzania since 2005. The company major area of focus is on creating mechanisms that cushion risks, lower rural transaction costs and create rural urban linkages to allow indigenous poultry producers escape the subsistence trap and become viable for profitable partnerships. This is achieved mainly through engaging relevant public institutions to meet the social costs of developing the partnership.

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Mtenda Kyela Rice Limited

Mtenda Kyela Rice Supply Company Limited (MKRS) is a company limited by share which deals with purchase of paddy and supply of high quality rice produced in the Southern Highland of Tanzania. The company procures paddy from smallholder farmers organized in groups/association under the contract farming arrangement then process, pack and sell branded rice in domestic and external markets.
Mtenda Kyela Rice uses contract farming approach to develop its business value chain which is mainly pre-dominated by smallholder farmers.
The company supports and invests in developmental activities such as mobilizing farmers to form groups and associations;
training farmers on Good Agronomic Practices (GAP) of paddy production e.g. System of Rice intensification (SRI);
post-harvest technologies, input supply in form of credit and market linkages.

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Thanks SAGCOT CTF "I was really impressed by the state-of-the-agricultural equipment available and more so by the staff who operate them and by the well-meshed flow of work. This was an eye-opener for us so kindly keep up the good work"

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Jacob Mwakipesile
Njombe TZ - Small farmer